Program Modules


BDP1 - Project

In the Project & Coaching part you are invited as junior professional to work in multidisciplinary and international teams to design and develop (strategic) communication and branding campaigns, plus supportive media and touchpoints based on challenging client cases. The project is largely based on the Design Cycle. Your focus should be on being able to substantiate, test and document the strategic branding / design choices and results.


BDP1 - Theory

In the Brand Management & Implementation part you acquiring knowledge in the field of building, managing and communicating brands (and the visual and behavioral design of products, services and organisations they represent in the minds of users and other stakeholders). Second objective is how to use this theory to advice clients (or other commissioning parties) on how to create value and trust, utilizing an implementation plan.


BDP2 - Psychology

What moves a consumer to buy or use a particular (sustainable) service? How brands are stored in our memory and are recalled is key to be relevant. Which associations evokes a particular (image of a) brand? Therefore the specialist should have knowledge about the cognitive and psychological aspects that relate to the mental influence and the building of brands. These aspects are dealt with in the Applied Psychology course.


BDP3 - Trends & Innovation

This course creates awareness for the exponential rate of change that is affecting lives of humans all over the world. Together we explore developments & innovations in Technology, Branding, Media and Design and we analyse how these changes create new opportunities for brands and will impact society as a whole. We study how bold brands innovate in their way of communicating and interacting with consumers.


BDP4 - Concept & Design

In this course attention will be given to methods to generate design concepts and how to convert ideas into suitable design solutions with use of all aspects of design as colour, shape, contrast and typography. Readability on screen as on print, but also the experience of the design by the user will be discussed. For all kind of tools (Adobe CC) there will be demand-driven tool support. This will be done in workshop assistance every week.


BDP5 - Brands & Social Interaction

In this course you will learn how brands can create a meaningful interaction and an extensive relationship with consumers. Students will map out thouch points in a customer journey. You will learn how to manage the different touchpoints through insights of applied psychology. Hereby adding value for the customer as well as the brand by optimizing touchpoints so that potential customers can become loyal customers. 

Course Planning

Global planning of the BDP minor, courses & deliverables.

Frequently Asked Questions


Type: minor, Bachelor level
Duration: 1 semester
ECTS: 30
Start: February, September
Language: English
Focus: Social fabric, Sustainable cases
Institute: School of Communication, Media & IT

Entry Conditions

You need basic Adobe CC skills (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Animate) in order to participate in this programme.
It is expected that you bring your own device with Adobe CC installed.

How do I register?

You have to pre-register to participate in this minor. Please note, there are a limited number of places reserved in this programme for exchange students.*
Link to Hanze University register page
*Places for minors that have pre-registration with a waiting list are awarded based on a draw. Pay attention to the deadlines of the draw.

More information?

For specific questions or more detailed information about the minor, please send an email to: